jPay Message #195

its sad how big a deal cable TV has become for me. I literally base my schedule off what’s good on TV. I used to think less of people like this; not that I made fun of them, I jus thought they were lesser humans. Oh well, I guess we inevitably become like people we loathe in some ways. 

Ridiculousness is basically “the” prison show, in that’s all I watched when I first got a TV. Besides being funny as hell, CWC s burgeoning thiqqqness is an awesome plot development over the seasons.

I’m glad sports are back on TV, not that I’m all that into em. I can definitely say, after living in a building of 150 men, I’ll never be the type to clap and whoop at any game between two teams that have no local or financial emotion. Some people are jus super into sports; I’m not one of em. It’s jus kinda gay to care if another man pulled his hamstring.

the other interesting thing to watch is the election. it never seemed this intense in the past. because no matter who wins, somebody is thinking that’s the end of democracy.

Two great shows that I’m finally watching are Las Vegas and Schitt’s Creek. The first conveys a Bush-era extravagance that Id completely forgotten about; the second is full of awkward situational and ironic humor-the “smart” person’s comedy. 

(in the middle of writing this, my cubie came over to me to say the 500th episode of Ridiculousness is about to come on, and “Chanel is looking good AF!!” See, I’m not the only one to pick up on all these different story lines.)

With cable, you settle on whichever shows are aired the most, the closest you’ll get to bingeing. So after years of resistance, I finally gave in to “King of Queens”. Early Kevin James is weirdly funny in a wholesomey way.

Finally, I love “ancient aliens” and any other alien show. the mounting physical evidence of ufos should be the biggest story all year, but for some reasons it’s barely mentioned in mainstream news. I think their existence has become an undeniable fact of life, and this may be the year that life on earth is revealed to be an alien TV show.

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    Keep ’em coming ! great reads!

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