jPay Message #196

The convict code almost requires a blithe indifference to any calendar. Counting days can drive a man insane; 6 months to the door is generally considered the appropriate time to start thinking about release. Even so, I can’t help making mental notes in regards to important milestones: In four days Ill have officially made it…More

“Release Date Reveries”

Considering my out-date remains a whole ‘nother presidential election away, it’s important for me to discipline my mind enough so I don’t drift off into or get lost in daydreams about getting out of the joint. Of course, I’ve some big, specific plans–and some smaller, vaguer ideas–of how I want the rest of my life…More

jPay Message #195

its sad how big a deal cable TV has become for me. I literally base my schedule off what’s good on TV. I used to think less of people like this; not that I made fun of them, I jus thought they were lesser humans. Oh well, I guess we inevitably become like people we…More

Books I Read Last Month (Sept 2020)

The Pope of Greenwich Village – Vincent PatrickClockers – Richard PriceBurr – Gore VidalSkellig – David AlmondMoneyball – Michael LewisThe God of Small Things – Arundhati RoyA Visit From the Goon Squad – Jennifer EganThe Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History – Mircea EliadeCase Histories – Jane Atkinson My reading was less prolific…More