jPay Message #192

It’s 11:47 pm and im wondering where the day went. That’s as good as it gets in here.

Since so much of prison is routine (3 counts per day, the meals, activities available), it’s best to schedule your days with a routine of your own to fill the extra time. This sameness, this Groundhog’s Day quality, is a good thing, allowing time to breeze by in chunks of a week or month without any awareness to the date. There are little things I do everyday that turn my life into some kind of turnkey existence, accomplishing tasks and pursuing goals without constant reflection on my part. 

For example, brushing my teeth is the first thing I do (if I skip breakfast) and as well as the last thing before bed. I also have made it a habit to floss (!!!) at night, this being the first time I’ve done that for longer than three days consecutively. I’ve never been so diligent about cleaning my teeth.

Sanctions have kinda fucked my routine up because I don’t have a TV and can’t go outside, so I have to sneak outside or skip meals to get a workout in, which, typically, I like to do early in the morning. 

So much of my day is based on whats on TV (and lately, when I can watch my cubies’ TV). Shows that air back to back to back are ideal, like Ridiculousness or Family Guy. But Thursdays are the best for binge watching. In the morning Xena is on until noon; next, Southern Charm plays all afternoon; and then, from 7 to midnight, there’s a How I Met Your Mother marathon. Days like this, when there’s always something worthwhile on, are rare, as close as cable will ever get to approaching the binge worthiness of Netflix.

I was semi-conscious for most the day, until reporting to my job before dinner where I jus had to do a lap around the yard with a broom. This left me with an opportunity for a workout: a circuit of 15 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, and 40 squats. 6 sets, 30 second rest, and then a two mile run. Shower and then back to my television-induced coma. Prison nirvana.

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