jPay message #171

I just finished Jess Walters’ “Beautiful Ruins”, which is probably the best book I have read all year. I consider myself a well-read guy, English major, and all, having read around 250 books since I’ve been down, but somehow, I had never heard of jess walter until about a month ago. Literally, one of the…More

jPay message #168

The biggest con of prison is the lack of freedom, restricting your choices from infinite to finite. You’re also stuck with a lot of alone time, so much of your time is devoted to solitary activities, of which the most popular are: reading, sudoku, your tablet (games or music), tv, writing (letters, raps, books), crossword…More

jPay Message #163

Now that I’m in the penitentiary, I’m more amused by prison jokes on TV. For the most part, they’re pretty spot-on; however, the ‘drop the soap’ bit isn’t really true (at least where I’m at, the showers aren’t communal)…mostly, you don’t wanna drop the soap because everyone jerks off in there and the floor is…More

“Jail Bird”

I’m a week into my 5 weeks of LOP, and losing my mind. I got my TV taken away. It turns out these messages are actually monitored. At least I’ve got one reader.  unfortunately, the staff at jackson correctional didnt take too kindly to my nuanced sarcasm, at least, at first. My unit got raided,…More

“A Cautionary Tale”

On my fifth day of prison, I hear my bunk number announced over the loudspeaker. I’m informed someone’s here to see me, and told to change into my blues and head to the control center. My mind races with guesses of who my visitors were, making me nearly giddy with anticipation. My stomach plummets when…More

jPay message #159

I just got a remote put in my TV, which is great. I can just lay back with a pair of headphones and change the channel. im amazed at the ingenuity. Watching TV has become such a big part of life that I have the free-time to make an opinion on who the best Spider…More