jPay message #154

The hearings officer gave me 30 days of sanctions for my fight last week: 10 days of top-lock, 20 days of LOP (loss of privileges). They’re basically the same except top-lock keeps you glued to your bunk…you have to ask for permission to go to the restroom. Otherwise, they’re identical–I can’t go outside, I had…More

“Rocky III”

For a excruciating day and a half last week, the power was out, so no TVs or fans worked and ever, except in the CO’s office. There was nothing to do, the unit was a sweat box, and everyone was at each other’s throat. Three fights erupted over that brief period. I was one of…More

jPay message #153

Today was store day, and this store was the polar opposite of the last one: calm, predictable, lazy.  I’ve been reading a lot more because of LOP. My new obsessive interest is books about books, currently alternating between a compilation of Nick Hornby’s columns in which he lists the books bought and books read over…More