jPay Message #145

it’s been two months since I’ve moved to h-unit and it’s a vast improvement over C. along with d, those two units were known as the jungle. They were so bad that it wasn’t uncommon for someone coming from another unit to lock up* instead of bunk down in those units. moreover I’m in the best cube I’ve been in yet. it’s not so much that Im buddy-buddy with everyone but that we all respect each other and, more importantly, every one else respects our cube enough to not step foot inside it unless invited to.

there’s two old black guys, Shep and chicken, who are both mobites, who have a lot of pull on this yard. chicken is one of the heads. Shep is burnt, but that’s from doing 20+ years. once, he freaked the fuck out because he thought someone took toilet paper off his bunk. no one did, because the porter lied and never put any rolls on his bunk, but he wanted to fight about it. hes definitely someone who swears by the black supremacy aspect of whatever sect of Islam mobites belong to. because prison is so shitty, inmates easily cultivate, consciously or not, some zealous and extreme religious beliefs. in my cube but on the other end of the spectrum, there’s beard, who is some sort of nondenominational fundamentalist christian. he interprets the bible literally, believes that he is part of a select few who know the truth, and constantly brings up prophecy in the Bible. no matter what the headline is on the news, he’ll go, “yep, this was all foretold in the bible.” I’ve asked for a specific chapter and verse but he’s only pointed obliquely to the book of revelation. my suggestion that that is an especially metaphorical book and open to millions of interpretations is dismissed as ridiculous, something only those who aren’t chosen would think. he’s not very bright. any point I make is countered with a bible verse, and then when I ask him to establish the bible’s inerrancy and supreme authority, he’ll only refer to another bible verse. lol it wouldn’t be so annoying if he didn’t think he was so much more enlightened than me. i dont think he realizes how circuitous his logic is, and the greatest impediment to an actual discussion is that he doesnt seem to have ever questioned if the bible is actually the word of god, and thus, doesn’t quite realize why I’m not satisfied when his answers are suffused with references to and quotes from the bible. as is typical of fanatical bible readers, hes rabidly anti-catholic. these types tend to conflate the bible, a book, with a god/Jesus, a being. almost nothing is as fatuous as a sincere protestant.

ironically, he spends most days trying to get high. he and charlie, his butt buddy in the cube, split everything they get, and have resorted to some desperate measures to alter their minds on the cheap. lately, they’ve been snorting lines of coffee for pleasure. beard swears it gives him a buzz but even still, he looks desperate and burnt af doing it. the other day when he was chopping up a line, I couldn’t help myself and asked, “what would Jesus say to you if he came back right now and the rapture began, and caught you doing that?” he didnt have a response. besides that, he’s actually a decent guy.

the one positive of this corona virus lockdown is that ride-ins/ride-outs have temporarily ceased so there’s really no turnover in the unit. I’ve had the same cubies the past 3-4 months, except for the laundry guy who went home. his bunk remains empty, and that makes the cube jus slightly less crowded.

*to go to a CO or the front office that you fear for your life and refuse to lock where you are assigned. usually a move by fiends unable to pay debts to get transferred to another joint. besides snitching, probably the most despicable thing you can do as an inmate.

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