“Great Expectations”

With this corona shit going on, MDOC has prioritized the release of any inmate eligible for a parole. This has been misconstrued as if prisons are being emptied out, but the truth is that the only ones going home should have already been there. The parole board notoriously uses any pretext to extend a sentence,…More

jPay Message #145

it’s been two months since I’ve moved to h-unit and it’s a vast improvement over C. along with d, those two units were known as the jungle. They were so bad that it wasn’t uncommon for someone coming from another unit to lock up* instead of bunk down in those units. moreover I’m in the…More

jPay Message #144

Most of the time, the days and weeks pass by in a blur with nary a thought for the outside world. But damn, the first few nice days of the year do it to me every time. Walking the yard in a T-shirt and shorts I can’t get my mind off my family and friends…More


The Season 1 finale of Dave aired on Wednesday and I’m honestly blown away. The FX show portrays Dave Burd as he begins his fledgling music career as lil Dickey, an actual rapper, who’s driven by a heartfelt belief that he is one of the best rappers alive. In a genre dominated by black males…More

Omar tribute

Omar was a semi-permanent fixture of e William street by NYPD for years. Whether skateboarding, smoking joints in the alley, or slinging pizza, he was always nearby when I first moved into my apartment at 609 e William. As our friendship progressed, the joint smoking was relocated to inside my place, where he increasingly spent…More