jPay message #131

I jus drank two cups of that mexican espresso and I am ZOOMING! My new routine, since the pits are closed, is to make a cup and then try to do 150 push ups right after waking up. One positive of this quarantine is that there’s no ride-ins so you already know who everybody is,…More

“Slow Jamz”

When I was little, my mom had me and my brother kneel at our bedsides and recite our nightly prayers…Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be. She knelt beside and lead us in the prayers. After the formal ones were concluded, she would ask certain saints to intercede on our behalf, and then would say the…More

jPay message #120

I’ve made it in a habit in the morning to make a cup of coffee in the day room right after waking up and brushing my teeth. early in the day, the day room is pretty low key. people are jus waking up, waiting to check their jpay, and theres a few guys that have…More

jPay message #112

Family and friends tell me the world is completely different because of coronavirus. You can’t go anywhere, have to stay in one place, can’t socialize in big groups. The stay-at-home order is like a lock down. “yeah, that sucks,” I joke, “I wonder what that’s like.” Nothing much has changed here except that we have…More

“TV & Nirvana”

Today was the second nice sunny day of the year. I’ve begun running a few miles in the morning again, and I’ve been lifting during the week when I have gym callouts, which took months to get. There, it’s less stressful and easier to get the weight you want versus making do with whatever’s available…More