I’m sprawled out on my bed, butt fucking naked, rubbing my genitals with a red rock which she just handed me. We’re both tripping face on acid. It’s a Sunday morning… That rock or crystal is supposed to revitalize my dick chakra, and under ordinary circumstances, I’d think this is retarded, but now it makes…More

jPay message #089

I’ve finally met some good dudes that fuck with me and i spin laps w since my workout partner went home this summer… but all of em are unaffiliated (ie not in a gang) white dudes and I’ve learned a lot from them. two have been down for 10 years and the other only 3…More

“Sweats is the new suit”

Everything in prison is backwards or upside-down, a bizarro world where values are inverted and the abnormal is normalized. In the real world, blowing down on someone with a banger because he’s a different race and/or weaker, and then robbing him of his food is rightly abhorred. The perpetrator would be instantly denounced. Here, he…More

To the Reader

In my writing, I can’t help but be honest and vulnerable and sometimes, overly graphic; otherwise, it comes off as fake and insincere, an exercise in concealment over disclosure. While I wanna adhere to the truth as much as possible, I don’t wanna dox anyone by putting their dirty laundry out there. For that reason,…More

“Higher Learning”

“You know, Brendan, sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.” I sigh, the whiskey hot on my breath, and nod. It’s 2pm, I’m drunk, and I’m sitting with the legendary Professor Rubadeau for office hours. Hundreds of smiling students look down on me from the copious photos plastering the walls as well as the posters dangling…More

“Post-It Notes From the Underground”

I just downloaded a handful of new songs earlier, which is kind of a big deal here (most songs are $2). It’s Friday night and off brands are working the unit; I just bought a bar of fudge, and am jamming out to the new Post Malone shit, which, apparently, is actually the old Post…More

“Kid Icarus”

​On the blue gray wall of the jail cell, someone has covered “I Heart Beatles + Elvis + 420″ and I’m wondering whose grandpa who had been arrested, partly to keep my mind off my own quandary. When they cuffed me up and led me to the cop car, the officer kept yelling “That’s over…More