“Hope Beyond Dope”

“Give me the good shit” I groan, as I come to. There’s a man in blue scrubs and rubber gloves on wearing a placid smile. “You already got the good shit,” he told me, chuckling. “Twice in fact.” “Third times the charm right?” I suggested.  I suddenly realized im naked except for this front covering…More

“Crude Reminder”

so today we had a k2 incident, or what seemed like one. some new guy from Saginaw just started talking reckless and then swung on the tattoo guy, who’s just a tale skinny white guy. the head of an “organization” intervened and dawg turned on him. well, obviously, horrible idea because a bunch of his…More

jPay message #013

Every time I think I understand this prison bullshit I get thrown a curve ball.It sucks because there really is no such thing as “friends” here because someone will do you dirty as soon as they can. plus there’s the added dimension that I’m a white college grad coming from an upper middle class background.…More